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Few recent stories to share are:

Launch of LONAR’s office at UAE

LONAR is in the process to launch its office at Dubai, UAE. The Dubai office will be proud to serve customers in Middle East and Africa.

LONARs services available at Europe
LONAR on-boarded Managing Partner at London, UK to extend its services to clients in Europe. Potential clients and queries can now be directed to
Launch of PCI Compliant Credit Card Gateway as a service or Implementation
LONAR proudly offers Credit Card Gateway for clients who prefer keeping their focus on their mission then managing IT and IT Compliance for Credit Cards. Please contact for details
Launch of Social Media Integration
LONAR proudly offers Social Media Integration for customers. Customers can now stay ahead of the curve by leveraging Social Media Integration services from LONAR.
Why Social Media?
-Opportunity to quickly mark their presence and outreach.
-Modern day tool to raise awareness to your mission, vision and cause.
-Greater Outreach to target customers, donors and volunteers with high probability of the desired outcome.
-Modern day low cost fundraising and recruiting opportunity.
-Opportunity to remain connected and share success stories with customers, donors and volunteers.
What do we do?
-We can get you what you want to be on the social media.
-Create Social Media pages/presence e.g. Linkedin, Facebook, Google+
-Provide services to launch campaigns on Social Media for you.
-Integrate campaign launch to Social Media.
-Maintain: Make updates as necessary.
-Products and Adapters.
Please contact for details
Launch of Mobile Application and Mobile Website Solutions
Customers can now rely on LONAR for their Mobility needs.
Why Mobility is important?
-Smartphone ownership is on the rise.
-Millennial use Mobile devices to conduct business.
-Mobile presence for non-profits would increase outreach.
-Mobile is where contributors may be now.
What do we do?
-Convert your website to Mobile version.
-Develop Mobile Application.
-Maintain the Mobile Application.
-Maintain Mobile version of your website.
Please contact for details
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